Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making progess in the basement...

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Once upon a time there was a city boy and country girl who bought a house with plans to finish the basement.
There plans were grand.
But their knowledge was not.
Thankfully they had a great father who had taught the girl when she was young.
Now it came to teaching the city boy how to build wall after wall after wall.
Now we have 2 finished rooms and have 3 left to do; the bathroom, family room and guest/craft room.
We started framing the guest/craft room last weekend.
This weekend we finished framing the walls.
Josh was such a big help! 
Maybe through it all we will pass on to our boys how to frame a basement....
We have to move supplies from one side to another as we work our way around but it is sooo nice to see the progress being made. This will be a big room for a couple of reasons. We wanted to include the window for egress access. This way when we plan to sell we can claim this as a bedroom rather than just a storage room. It will also have a bunk bed and queen size bed in it for when family come to visit. Not to mention serving as my craft room all the other days of the year. Just call it your do it all room......
We put in a 5x5 closet. I plan to have most of my supplies stashed here. It will be great to close things up and keep them out of site of family and friends. No spying eyes! Christmas is on the way!
Looking back into what will eventually be the family/game room.
The view from the closet.....
We put plastic up to help control the dust. This is the door into the bedroom.
We are also hoping to get moving on the bathroom. Mr. K is waiting for the bathroom to move into his room. He sleep walks at night so the bathroom needs to be close. 
Can you believe it will cost $1500 just to have the rough plumbing done?! We have to move the drains a matter of inches! The toilet drain has to go back 5 inches! Why can't the builders just cement them in the right place to begin with?! Apparently this is a common problem. ARGH! 
In the meantime we are framing the bathroom ceiling around the ducting.
I guess Mr K couldn't get into his room right now anyway.....
We had to store the beds somewhere!!!!
See the stack of tile in the by the door? SCORE on that! We found a nice basic tile for $0.51 sq foot! Yeah, I haven't seen any that low. We bought enough for our floor and extra. We can return what we don't need but will have enough to cover any mistakes. The next week the same tile was $0.68. Still a good price but not as good! I put a piece down to see how it would look in the bathroom area, yep! It's gonna be nice! Now we just need to get tile for the shower. The boys just wanted a shower rather than a tub. Works for me. They always use my shower anyway.
All this means that for now my crafting stuff is piled up..... 
Left in the sacks with all my inspiration.....
Sewing projects, patterns, fabric, skirts, blouses....all on hold for now.
Paper crafts, vinyl, cricut, etc all in a pile.....hmmm, wonder if I can find a spot to do my "Spooky" sign?
Each weekend we are doing a little more.
Wiring, ductwork, insulation, sheetrock, mudding......
Hopefully by the end of October we will have this room finished!
Just in time for family to visit for a special 12 yr old birthday and the holidays!
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