Sunday, September 11, 2011

Menu and new cooking blogs!

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With the addition of 2 new blogs I am excited to try some new main dishes. Not to mention cooler weather means we and enjoy our favorite soups and chilis!
This week at our house....
Homemade Pizza
Roast, potatoes and garden carrots
Chicken Rice Soup
Taco Casserole

For Desert I plan on trying a new Lemonade Pie from my dear friend. hmmm, maybe I will make that tonight! She promises it is refreshingly delightful! We will see and I will post pictures and the recipe.

Now I have to put a shout out for The Country Cook. I found her blog through Mommy's Kitchen Sunday Potluck link party. I love cooks that stick with basic ingredients in my pantry. They are even better when they remind me of growing up on the farm and in the country. It all comes down to comfort food for me but these are the biggest hits with my boys too. They haven't lived on a farm but they love to visit my uncles farm. Something about the dirt in your toes and the thrill of riding a tractor....
but I digress....
The Country Cook has lots of fun recipes that look great.
Shhh, please don't tell dear hubby she even has a recipe for "Magic Shell" ice cream topping.
He loves the stuff that will freeze on your ice cream. All my boys devour it (I know this is a common occurance) and I haven't boughten it in a while which means they could go through some withdrawls when I buy it again!
Then for desert try her Shorcut Cheese Danish, I plan on trying it!
Ooh, Yummy!
These will be great recipes for my boys to learn to cook with too. At 11 and 9 they are wanting to learn to cook more. Love that! It helps that they have been watching food networks "Chopped" show with dad. It becomes a joke if your dish is chopped or not. Makes me smile and welcome them into the kitchen. I will have to have them pick a night to help cook and let them go at it while I supervise. Before long I will have them searching blogs for more great recipes to try! Who said having all boys was tough?!
Check out The Country Cook for your cook!

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