Thursday, September 22, 2011

The "T" Wall

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I wanted to make a wall of T's from all sorts of materials. Anything that Mr. Tyler plays with became fair game. Rocks, legos, and sticks were some of the first things that came to mind.
Each time I went into a store that had monograms I grabbed one. I wanted all different fonts and sizes. When I had several I just started creating....
This was the first monogram I made. At the time I didn't plan on a T wall but now it just goes right along with the others.
  A black T with letter beads down the side.....
Rocks and little boys just go hand in hand. How many times have I found rocks in the laundry? Or, "look at this COOL rock mom?" (I'm thinking of putting a frame around this one, it just looks unfinished)
This was one of my favorite letters. It's a bunch of washers glued together.
Moss and rocks wrapped around a wooden letter....
Lego's are a staple around our house. It only made sense that they be part of the wall. I let the boys come up with the design. I picked out the blocks I thought would work and told them to build me a T. Mr Ty added his lego guy.
Blue glass rocks....
Different fonts just painted blue- his favorite color.
Tyler loves his "T" wall. I have a couple of other ideas. I need to make a trip up the canyon for some twigs.
And, I keep wondering about something from the Home Depot. Surely there is something in the pipe section that can be worked into a T.....
I will share any others I add but for now I wanted to share what we have to far. All hung up with Command hook stickies (can you tell I love these things? and no one paid me to say that!)

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  1. Love the "T" Idea! Blue Crayons would be cute!! Love your blog! :D


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