Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feather Headbands

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This was another project that lets me live vigariously through my sisters and friends little girls.
Feathers are all the rage right now. So we made some headbands with them. 
We got the feathers from Micheals and the metal headbands from Walgreens.
The feathers are already grouped together so all we had to do was glue them to the wire then add a matching piece of felt to seal it in. It also helped to keep hair from getting stuck.
I am actually holding 2, a black and white and a pink and white one.
I wasn't sure how to get a good picture of headbands. I didn't think my boys would model them for me.
Putting these up for another Christmas gift. Hopefully they will be as big a hit as they were with my friends daughter.
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