Monday, January 17, 2011

Clipboard project

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Each week my friend and I get together and do some project or another. It has become something I look forward to each week. My little piece of indulgence. Just some girl time to talk and laugh and enjoy while the boys are in school.
Our plan over the next little while is geared towards organization. Appropriate for springtime don't you think? This week we opted for clipboards. One for each boy. They were already given explicit instructions that their school papers go on their clipboard, not in front of mom while I am in the middle of preparing dinner.
Having all boys can be easy in some ways. I simply pick the same style and somewhat coordinating papers and repeated the process 4 times.
I love the way they turned out. I am totally into monograms right now. It gives each of them ownership of something and a place to put their stuff.
Of course there is a draw back...
I amy not want anything covering up MY artwork. he he he!!
Since I already had my cricut out I cut some more monograms.....
One for each of the boys doors. Except the 2 little boys still share a room. That will change in the coming months but that is what is great about vinyl. It is easily taken off.
I also cut a "Welcome" sign for my front door. My friends looks amazing on her cream door. I wondered if you would notice my on my brown door but dear hubby commented on it as soon as he walked in. Yeah, he knows just what to say to make me smile! Gotta love the man!
So what do you think? Are you a fan of monograms too?
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  1. These look amazing! And I love the monograms!

  2. Hi, come over to my blog and see that I have awarded you a 'Stylish Blogger Award'. Thanks for being so stylish!!

  3. I LOVE this project! I so want one of these for me!!! I shared it in my 10 Great Monogram Projects Post!!! Thanks for the idea!


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