Friday, January 7, 2011

Stainless steal wipes...

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When my dear hubby suggested buying these I scoffed. I thought I could just clean our new stainless steal fridge with the cleaner I had on hand. I was right. I could clean it every day over and over and over and still have smudges to fight. I finally bought some just to see if they really made a difference. 
Let me just say,
 They are fantastic. I am able to wipe all the fingerprints smudges and water drips off. Then I take my microfiber cloth and go over it one more time to polish. It is easy. Only take a couple of minutes. No scrubbing needed.....

 And I think it actually repels smudges! I get to enjoy a shiny fridge for several days vs several hours with my old cleaner. I was shocked. This go 'round I even got the water stains off the plastic case around the water spout.
See. Nice huh!?!
Since I have to get every cent out of wipes products I even went on to clean my stove with this same wipe.
 Yucky, grease specks....
Ahh, shiny clean.
Stainless steal wipes are on my "worth it!" list!
oh- and no one paid me to say this. I just really like my clean fridge!
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