Sunday, January 2, 2011

Temple Piture Tutorial

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My sister made an antiqued temple picture for me and I absolutely LOVE it! I hung it in my living room. It has become a key peice in my living room and makes a statement.
My dear friend and I decide to make a couple for Christmas presents. They were really quite easy to make. Although our miter saw made all the difference.
We picked out some trim from Home Depot we liked. Then I cut it to make the frame. It's all about the angles. Doing the frame was actually easier than cuting the corner trim for Josh's room. I guess the frame allowed more room for error.
We also picked up a thin board for the back. One sheet did both our pictures. Sorry, I don't know what kind of board it's called. It is with the crafting boards.
Then I stapled the back and used gorrilla glue to secure the corners of the frame. I clamped it while it was drying which made a huge difference.
If you want an antiqued look you can go to Lilluna- antiqued temple pictures and pick out a picture.
She has been so generous in posting noncopywrited pictures her hubby antiqued for everyone to download.
I just developed them at Costco in the size we wanted. You can do up to 20x30.
I used my photoshop elements program to change the wording to Family can be together Forever. I also did one with For Time and all Eternity. And I edited the color to be more brown rather than stark black. I think you can do this when you order prints too.
Use modge podge to glue your picture on your board for your back. Modge podge dries clear and won't wrinkle your paper as it's dries. With a large area just pour a pool of it on the center of your board and use a paint brush to spread it.

Once the frame is dry you may have to sand a few places where the glue leaked out too much.
Now you can put the modge podge directly over your picture. It's ok, you won't ruin it! Just pour it on and spread it. Modge podge will give it a textured look and feel but without warping it.
Paint your trim. We chose to paint ours black.
When the black is dry you can sand the edges then go over it with a stain to give it a weathered look. Once everything is dry just use a staple gun to staple the edge of your picture to the frame.
If you do a large picture you will want to use wire and eye hooks to hang it. Put your hooks 1/3 of the way down your frame. Make sure the wire or the wall hook doesn't show over the top.
VOILA! Enjoy your work. This was a great gift for only $30.

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