Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old pants made new

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Every mom I know has dealt with this little problem....
Yep, those pesky levis wear through the knees before they shorten in length. Of course this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the boy wearing them. Honest mom! I don't know how they tore. Neither do they know how a small hole has suddenly become this big, gaping CRATER!
Now, I must tell you my 4 boys all take after their lovely daddy. They are tall and skinny skinny. To say slim jeans are hard to find would be a gross understatement! So usually my oldest especially ends up with buckles in the fabric from cinching them tight enough to stay up where they belong.
(we have a 1 inch rule: no more that 1 inch of your underware showing!)
It's either that or wear hi-waders.
You also know how hard it is to keep kids in pants. When my oldest tried to wear these pants to school I promptly sent him to change and sat down later that day to try a trick I'd read about a while back.
Horray! I got it to work! Now those holey jeans look fresh off the rack. One of the benefits of "Worn" being the in style.
I didn't take pictures along the way but I will try to explain what to do....
First I had to clean up the hole. I trimmed all the strings.
Thenk, I took a piece of levi from another worn pair of jeans and inserted it on the inside of the pantleg. This became the 'patch'. Then I sewed a stitch back and forth on an angle. I like how the angle looks although that was not intentional. I couldn't get the pantleg turned the direction I wanted so I just went with it. I went back and forth over the entire hole several times. With the patch on the backside you get the (very in style) worn look.
My dear son was very pleased to have his pants fixed. Thankfully my boys don't care what they wear as long as it passes mom's inspection. I'm confident though that this would pass even the style police's inspection. I think they look great!
Now if only I could get the other boys skinny pantleg to fit over my sewing machine.
Yep, I think we will make it through the rest of the school year with these jeans!
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