Monday, January 17, 2011

Closet organization

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I had been putting off this project but last week I finally got to organizing my hall closet. It seems like just yesterday I was organizing it. Of course that was when we had just moved in, 6 months ago. WOW! And we all know how quickly such places fall into disarray.
I pulled things out and put them on the counter one shelf at a time. On black Friday I bought new towels, more than I intended. Dear hubby had said we needed more. Well, we now have lots of towels. Too many towels. Like, I'm in big laundry trouble if I have to wash all of 'em. Somewhere I had read you should hvae 3 towels per person and 2 sets of sheets per bed so with this in mind I sorted through all the towels. Some of them I sent to the DI. I kept a few to upcycle with another project. I didn't have too many sheets so that was easier. I have been slowly getting rid of pink lacey pillowcases. Afterall have you read my blog title? Uhm yeah, "No pink allowed"!
My dear friend came over and I had to showoff my work. She is always generous with her compliments. VERY GENEROUS! Makes me feel wonderful. ;-)
She laughed at me too. Notice my towels?.....
I smile everytime I see the coordination. Makes me happy. Yeah, I know it's overkill but I am totally type A!

Ahhh, clean and organized. Now if I could just get my basement somewhat organized!
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