Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Challenges

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Happy New Years.
I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season and look forward to a fabulous new year. After a couple of difficult years this house hold is hoping to have a fantastic year. We have lots of plans and things we (I) hope to finish. Dear hubby gets frustrated because of all my to do wish lists and I always have one project or another going on. It's just how I am. I always have to have something going on. With our new house we have some "need to" do projects. This year I am hoping to:
Finish our basement
Fence the backyard- gotta keep the dog and Matthew fenced in
Build a deck
We also are planning a trip to Disneyland this year. Our boys have never been. Dear hubby and I have been to Disney World and I went to Disneyland as a kid. We are now only about 8 hrs from Disneyland so we figured this would be the year to take the boys. They range in age from (by then) 3-11. Yep, I think it will a grand time.
I am hoping to teach a couple of couponing classes. I love saving money and getting great deals. I am not the best but several of my new friends and neighbors have been asking about it so....
I also MAY tackle a neighborhood project. We have great empty corner lot in our neighborhood. The 2 streets wrap around it in such a way that only one side is not bordered by a street. I think it would make a perfect little park. Our neighborhood is newer and struggling to finish selling the new homes after the fall of the economy. I'm not sure who ownes the ground but already have people offering resources and time to go toward the project. Yeah, kinda ambitious I know but there is no park in our neighborhood and I think it would be fantastic! So many people would be able to enjoy it's use....we'll see.
WW: 10# in 10 weeks
My personal goals for this year are to finally regain control of my weight. I had lost a lot then had 2 more boys and just haven't gotten back to where I want to be. I have a weak back (to much lifting as at the hospital) and I am feeling the effects of being overweight and out of shape. So I am going to make WW work for me again. I only do online as I don't care for meetings. So,  I'm starting the year off with 10# in 10 weeks challenge.
PYP: January- nessessities only
On PYP we are doing a challenge of only buying nessessities during the month of January. No extras, no eating out, minimal traveling= minimal gas usage. I will need to plan some freezer meals so dear hubby won't be tempted to order pizza on the nights I work. I am hoping to take the money we save and apply to debt. I want so badly to be out of debt. That is another of my goals for this year. By the end of the year I want to only have our house debt. Tough order but doable.
A Year of Homemade gifts
Okay dear family, listen up. This year I plan to have homemade gifts for birthdays, mothers day, and Christmas. It's another way to be more frugal and reach my other goals. If you watch closely you will see each of the gifts as I post them. You can even put your dibs on 'em if you wanna. I hope you will like what I have in mind and anything else I stumble upon.
So there you have it. After finishing my 52 projects everyone has wondered what I have planned next. Now you know. Bigger projects but still a full load as usual. We will see what I accomplish this year.
What about you? What plans do you have for the new year? Please share, lets inspire each other!
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